A Yoga Sequence for Soldiers

If you're in the Army, you know the joys of the ruck. After carrying 50+ pounds for miles, you're wiped. Your legs and back need a simple way to recover. You're likely going to be tight and sore the next day regardless, but these simple movements can add a bit of mobility back into your body while speeding up recovery.

The sequence below is a brief collection of poses I put together for my husband. While I can't get him into a yoga studio (even though I own one!), he weaves in a few of these poses after a ruck, run, or lifting session.

A good rule of thumb is to give 70% in a yoga pose, NOT 100%! When we give 100% in a yoga stretch, we're often trying to go as deep as possible. This actually causes the muscles to get even tighter, which defeats the purpose of stretching in the first place.

Set the ego aside, breathe deeply to help the muscles release, and enjoy!

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