Updated: Sep 7, 2018

YOGA AND MEDITATION. I think when folks say this, they mean ASANA (physical postures) and MEDITATION. Meditation is a part of yoga, not a separate practice.

Consider this point made by Dan Harris: "We work on our bodies, our homes, our finances, our job, but how often do we spend tuning up the filter that experiences everything?" Asana, designed to prepare the body for meditation, is often the primary focus of a yoga class. We prepare the body, and then we peace out after the physical practice because it can be uncomfortable to just sit with ourselves. Our mind starts to go bonkers because we're used to constant external stimulation to distract ourselves from what's going on within. And if you think that's crazy yoga talk, just ask yourself, why can you not sit silently with yourself? Seriously? Why not?

Real Talk: People often say they don't have time to meditate, but if you're reading this post on social media, then you do. If your mind starts racing around, that’s normal, and that's the point: to help you learn to focus and explore your thoughts.

I wish someone had told me how hard meditating would be! This is not necessarily the case for everyone, (some people find it comes to them naturally), but as someone who likes to knock everything off the checklist, sitting still was ROUGH. I wanted to get x, y, and z done. But as a yogi, and as someone who loved all of the scientifically proven benefits of meditation, I kept coming back to this practice of sitting, breathing, and being.

If you're interested in establishing a daily meditation practice, consider joining me on October 14th, from 6pm - 8 pm for my Mindfulness and Meditation workshop at Sanford Yoga Center. Your brain deserves some love and attention!

Note: This workshop sold out last time! Reserve your spot today by visiting

August Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop at Sanford Yoga Center. 2018.

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