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Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Seva = service. Your yoga business can be more than just a place of practice.

I happened to be in the middle of a book called Tribe by the journalist Sebastian Junger when my business partner suggested we offer a community yoga class.  The book examines the shifts in societal structures over time and the impact this has on individual well-being. He cites numerous instances where people feel more fulfilled and happier during turbulent times because calamity requires them to serve the good of the community rather than just themselves.  He argues that despite the luxuries of modern day society, we are more isolated than ever.  While we no longer need a tribe to physically survive, this lack of a tribe has had negative emotional implications such as soaring depression rates, poor health, and anxiety.  He writes, "...modern society has gravely disrupted the social bonds that have always characterized the human experience, and that disasters thrust people back into a more ancient, organic way of relating.  Disasters...create a 'community of sufferers' that allows individuals to experience an immensely reassuring connection to others."   As a studio owner, I wondered, how do we foster connection in a meaningful way before disaster strikes?   

We plan intentional moments to come together to support one another and support those we don't even know.  

At Sanford Yoga Center, we have created several opportunities for community classes. Yoga to raise money for our local NAACP chapter. Yoga to raise money for breast cancer research. Yoga to raise money for BackPack Pals.

If you're interested in learning ways to create these community classes at your own studio, please send me a message or comment below!

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Partnered with Manduka to raise money for breast cancer research


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